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Our New York, Vermont and Massachusetts customers can be confident in their propane prices

Budgeting for your home’s propane usage can be stressful. A household’s propane needs aren’t uniform from month to month. In the NY Capital Region, the surrounding Hudson Valley, Western Vermont and Western Massachusetts, winters can call for much higher fuel consumption. If you have outdoor propane products, like a pool heater or a firepit, you might see another usage spike in the summer.

At Main-Care Energy, we want to minimize our customers’ uncertainty with price protection and payment programs. You can customize how you pay for your propane and lower your winter bills in the process.

propane prices hudson valley

What affects propane prices in the Northeast?

First, some good news: Propane is an energy source that’s overwhelmingly produced in the United States, so its price tends to be more stable than that of other fuels.

Even so, propane’s price fluctuates like any commodity’s. Here are some factors that can affect what you pay for this fuel:

  1. Crude oil and natural gas rates — Because propane is a co-product of these fuels, its price often tracks theirs.
  2. Seasonal demand — Home propane demand is highly seasonal, and its price can go up when temperatures are low. Commercial demand — including from farms and petrochemical producers — can also affect prices.
  3. Transportation — Our country’s top propane storage and trading hub is in Texas. Much of propane production is concentrated in areas separated from the Northeast, and getting this fuel to New York, Vermont and Massachusetts can increase its price.

We work hard to ensure that our propane prices are the most competitive in the region. We also offer the following programs to stabilize your payments and potentially save you some cash.

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Monthly Budget Plan

It’s never fun paying a large propane bill in the same month you’re buying holiday gifts. But Main-Care Energy has a way to add stability to your home fuel budget and lower your winter expenses. It doesn’t cost you a dime!

When you enroll in one of our Monthly Budget Plans, we estimate your total annual propane usage, then we divide this total into equal monthly installments. You’ll always know exactly how much you’ll need to pay.

If our total estimate of your fuel costs ends up going too high or too low, we’ll adjust your billing. In the end, you will never pay a penny more than the cost of the fuel you receive.

Our Monthly Budget Plans traditionally run from July through June. If you want to start later in the year, we can typically accommodate that. Please contact us for more information.

propane prices hudson valley

Capped Price Protection program

Wouldn’t you like “inflation insurance” for your home heating costs? Main-Care Energy can set a price cap for the year, and you’ll never pay more than this rate. But if propane becomes less expensive than the cap, you’ll pay the lower retail price! You’re protected against sudden spikes but can still enjoy savings when prices drop.

All you need to pay is a protection fee to take part in this program. We never charge any hidden fees.

We offer three types of Capped Price Protection:

  1. Capped Price Prepay Plan — Enjoy our lowest capped price by paying for all your propane and your protection fee in one payment at signing. If the propane price drops below the cap during the season, we’ll issue you a credit!
  2. Capped Price Extended Prepay Plan — We split the protection fee and the cost of your fuel into four equal payments.
  3. Capped Price Annual Budget Plan — Your protected fuel and protection fee are folded in with a Monthly Budget Plan of 12 equal payments.


We want every step of your propane delivery process to be stress-free — including paying. We offer easy AutoPay through your online portal. Stop buying envelopes and stamps, and never worry about a check getting lost in the mail. Just provide a checking account, credit card or debit card number, and we’ll process your payment automatically!

propane pricing hudson valley

When you partner with Main-Care Energy, you can expect 360° of Service. We’re here for you 24 hours a day and every season of the year. Become a customer today.