What Does HVAC Mean?

Learn the Basics of Keeping Your Home Comfortable When you aren’t in “the business,” you don’t always understand all the lingo. And you probably don’t need to understand all of it—CFM or HSPF won’t come up often in your daily conversations like it does in ours! But HVAC can turn up a lot—like when you […]

The Right Commercial Fuel for Your Business

Heating Oil, Propane, Gas, Diesel and More: Main Care Makes It Easy Plenty of industrial and commercial operations require a range of fuels to keep business running smoothly and efficiently. Between diesel for fleet fueling, oil for facility heating, and propane for equipment operation, you may be juggling multiple invoices, multiple accounts, and multiple deliveries. […]

Central Air vs Ductless Air Conditioning

Learn all the Ways to Keep Your Cool this Summer It’s usually after that first burst of unseasonably hot weather—pushing 90 in early June—that many homeowners suddenly decide they may need to update their cooling systems. If you haven’t been in the market for a cooling system in a while, you’ll be pleasantly surprised with […]

What Type of Generator Do I Need?

How to Keep Your Home & Family Protected During Outages Winter blizzards and ice and summer thunderstorms are common in the New York Capital corridor, the Hudson Valley and western Vermont—and those will take down trees, which in turn knock out power. These threats exist along with long-term heatwaves putting considerable demand on the outdated […]

Do Heat Pumps Use a Lot of Electricity?

Discover this Energy-Efficient Technology for Year-round Comfort Heat pumps can be an alternative option when it comes to heating and cooling. A heat pump uses the outside air to heat a home in winter and cool it in summer. Because this technology uses electricity to move heat, rather than generate it, it’s much more energy […]

The Many Benefits of Bioheat® Fuel

Our eco-friendly heating oil provides reliable heat, lower emissions and financial benefits, too! Have you heard about Bioheat® fuel? It is one of the most effective ways for homeowners to lower their emissions right now without sacrificing an iota of comfort. Bioheat fuel is a blend of ultra-low sulfur heating oil and biodiesel made from […]

Getting Rid of Heating Oil Sludge

Keeping a full heating oil tank can help. Generally speaking, sludge isn’t something you want anywhere in your house. But it can be especially pernicious in a heating oil tank. It can cause some significant problems for your tank, fuel lines and oil-powered equipment. The good news is that it’s pretty easy to prevent sludge […]

How to Dispose of Propane Tanks

Tips to retiring propane cylinders in New York, Vermont and Massachusetts Propane is an essential fuel for your summer entertainment. Whether you’re using a grill tank to fuel your cookout or a portable propane cylinder to power a firepit, patio heater or some other outdoor amenity, propane gets the job done. But how long can […]

Do You Need a Heating Oil Home Delivery in Spring?

Keeping your heating oil tank filled in the warm months is a smart idea. You can breathe a sigh of relief that we’ve made it past another winter in the Northeast. Although this winter was relatively mild, your home’s boiler or furnace probably worked extra hard through a few frigid weeks, keeping you and your […]

5 Benefits of Using Propane in Your Home

Experience eco-friendly, efficient heating and appliances with propane! At Main-Care Energy, we understand that homeowners value having a choice of energy solutions. We’ve been serving households in Albany and the broader New York Capital Region for nearly a century, and today, we install and service equipment that runs on heating oil, propane, natural gas and […]