Gasoline Services for Businesses

Main-Care Energy delivers gasoline to the NY Capital Region, the Hudson Valley, Western VT and Western MA

Do you need unleaded gasoline to fuel commercial cars, shuttle buses, landscaping equipment or other vehicles? Do your employees drive to a service station every morning and then, you have to spend all evening sifting through their reimbursement requests?

Since 1930, Main-Care Energy has provided dependable, responsive fuel delivery to families and businesses in Albany, Catskill, Lake George, Glens Falls and other communities in the Hudson Valley, Western Massachusetts and Western Vermont. We have developed two convenient ways to get you the top-quality gasoline you need at the best price. We offer on-site gasoline delivery to our commercial customers, and you can also get our gasoline at local automated fleet fueling stations.

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Gasoline delivery in NY, VT and MA

If you have a safe on-site fuel tank at your business, Main-Care Energy has a dedicated team that will deliver unleaded gasoline to you. We only carry the highest quality fuels and blends from trusted suppliers. We can work with you to arrange an automatic gasoline delivery plan tailored to your operational needs. Our team of employee-owner drivers is committed to keeping your vehicles moving and your gasoline-powered equipment humming. They always arrive when they say they will and treat your business with care and respect.

Need storage for your gasoline? Main-Care Energy sells and installs skid tanks, plus manual and automatic fuel pumps. We can even provide tank monitoring services!

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Try our automated fleet fueling stations in NY

If you don’t have on-site fuel storage, we have a solution to make off-site gasoline refilling quick and simple. Try Main-Care Energy’s automated fleet fueling stations at:

These stations are the low-stress, efficient way to keep your drivers’ tanks full. We issue a fueling card with a personalized PIN for each of your employees, enabling them to take care of their refueling swiftly. There’s no paying at the pump. The gas charge is automatically added to your company account, so you only need to pay one vendor.

We handle all the detailed record-keeping for you, supplying the vehicle location, the driver’s name, the number of gallons pumped and the fuel price for each station transaction.

gasoline services albany, ny
commercial gasoline albany, ny

Trust Main-Care Energy for 360° of Service!

In every aspect of our business, Main-Care Energy is committed to providing 360° of Service, so our customers know they’re always taken care of.

Any hour of the day, any season of the year, for the full life of your equipment, the employee-owners at Main-Care Energy will be there to help. We always have a live person on hand at our office to address customer issues. If you need an emergency gasoline delivery, we’ll get it done. If your equipment needs service, our technicians can help. Just pick up the phone to Main-Care Energy. One call does it all!

For top-notch gasoline delivery in Warren, Washington, Saratoga, Schenectady, Rensselaer, Columbia, Greene, Dutchess, Ulster and Orange Counties in New York and Bennington and Rutland Counties in Vermont, join the Main-Care Energy family of customers.