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Home automation for customers in the NY Capital Region, Hudson Valley and Western Vermont

If you own a vacation home, a rental property, or an Airbnb, or if you’re just away from your home often, you know it can be nerve-racking when your house is unattended, and there’s inclement weather or some other issue in the area. Maybe you’ve even had the sudden sinking feeling that you left a door unlocked while you’re hundreds of miles away.

At Main-Care Energy, we believe in delivering 360° of Service for our customers. We do this by always having an employee-owner on the clock — all day, every day. We also do it by offering you home automation solutions through our service Main-Care Connect.

What is Main-Care Connect?

Main-Care Connect is a state-of-the-art solution to the dangers of frozen pipes, water damage and other costly house problems. It connects devices throughout your home to your phone or other smart device.

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With Main-Care Connect, you can remotely:

  • Adjust your thermostat
  • Receive extreme temperature alerts
  • Lock or unlock your doors
  • Set schedules for indoor and outdoor lighting
  • Stream live video of your property
  • Remotely shut off the water supply if there’s a leak or a broken pipe

In short, you can have complete control of your heating, cooling, light, water and door locks wherever you are!

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How do you get started with Main-Care Connect?

Contact the Main-Care Energy team today, and we can discuss which Main-Care Connect devices you want included. These products are professionally installed. Once they are in place, you can connect them to your phone using the Main-Care Connect app. Then you’ll have total control of your home systems.

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If you have Main-Care Energy install a new heating system, we’ll give you a smart thermostat, a carbon monoxide detector and a light switch synced for one year with Main-Care Connect for free.

To learn more about Main-Care Connect and get started protecting your home with automation tools, contact our team today.