Commercial Heating Oil Delivery

Main-Care Energy delivers clean-burning Bioheat® fuel and kerosene to New York, Vermont and Massachusetts businesses

Heating oil provides robust and efficient commercial space heating and hot water generation, and since 1930, the Main-Care Energy team has delivered the highest quality fuel to businesses in the Hudson Valley, including Albany, as well as Western Vermont and Western Massachusetts.

Our premium, eco-friendly Bioheat® fuel offers all the robust heating generation of traditional heating fuel with lower greenhouse-gas emissions and fewer deposits on your equipment.

commercial heating oil hudson valley

Why do commercial heating oil customers trust Main-Care Energy?

With nearly a century spent serving businesses in the Northeast, Main-Care Energy’s team understands the needs and challenges that our clients have. We offer automatic heating oil delivery schedules to ensure that your oil tank never runs low.

Main-Care Energy’s guarantee of responsive service is backed by some tangible advantages:

  • Our business is employee-owned, and each employee-owner is committed to delivering 360° of Service and being there whenever a commercial customer needs us.
  • We maintain nearly one million gallons of heating oil in storage. When other companies run out of fuel in the winter, we keep delivering for our customers.
  • We offer heating oil tank monitoring to provide real-time tracking of your fuel levels.
  • Our Bioheat fuel does wonders for your company’s carbon footprint and your maintenance costs.
  • We offer price protection programs that make budgeting for your heating oil a breeze!
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Capped Price Protection for commercial heating oil

Heating fuel can be an aggravating line item in your monthly expenses. Not only does your business use different amounts of heating oil each month, but the price fluctuates based on factors beyond anyone’s control: global energy markets, international conflicts, inclement weather, etc.

Main-Care Energy can help you budget effectively for heating oil — and you’ll potentially save some money in the process.

With our Business Capped Price Program, we set an agreed-upon price cap on the number of gallons of heating oil you plan to use for the season. This cap will be the most you ever pay per gallon that season, and if the market rate drops below the cap, you’ll receive the lowest rate!

You can receive our lowest cap rate by prepaying for your heating oil (plus a one-time protection fee) at signing. Alternatively, you can divide your payment over four installments or into a 12-month budget plan.

Bioheat Fuel — eco-friendly and excellent for your equipment!

commercial heating oil hudson valley

We only deliver Bioheat fuel, an eco-friendly blend of ultra-low-sulfur heating oil and organic biodiesel. This heating oil blend considerably reduces emissions of carbon dioxide, sulfur oxide, particulate matter and mercury.

Additionally, Bioheat fuel burns more cleanly in your equipment, which reduces your maintenance and repair costs and extends your systems’ life spans.

For kerosene-fueled systems, Main-Care Energy offers a product called WinterGuard, which is derived from Bioheat fuel. WinterGuard is a cleaner, more affordable option with all the performance and cold-weather durability of kerosene.

Main-Care Energy is committed to providing 360° of Service to the New York Capital Region, the Hudson Valley, Western Vermont and Western Massachusetts. We want to be your commercial heating oil partner. Become a customer today.