Commercial Propane Services

Propane delivery and other fuel services in New York, Vermont and Massachusetts

An increasing number of businesses, farms, worksites and municipalities are turning to propane for its dependable, eco-friendly, American-made energy. One of the many benefits of propane is its versatility in powering a range of systems, appliances and vehicles. Main-Care Energy is here to help commercial customers in the New York Capital Region, the Hudson Valley, Western Vermont and Western Massachusetts secure the fuel they need for their gas-powered equipment.

Whether you’re heating an office, powering a commercial kitchen, fueling a construction site or keeping your farm running, Main-Care Energy is here to help.

Also, if you have a propane autogas vehicle fleet, you can fuel it conveniently at one of our propane autogas stations.

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Automatic delivery for commercial propane customers

Main-Care Energy can arrange a same-day tank swap* for your business, plus provide wireless tank monitoring. This enables us to offer the most dependable automatic propane delivery service in the region. As a Main-Care Energy commercial customer, you can feel confident that our team will know exactly when you need fuel and then, get to your business before you run low. Your employees and customers will enjoy uninterrupted heat, hot water, laundry and cooking services, and other conveniences provided by propane products.

Motels, lodges and hotels in the region count on our propane for space heating, pool heating and food preparation.

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Propane price protection for commercial customers

We also want to ensure that your business has the most predictable, affordable propane budget possible. That’s why we offer our popular Business Capped Price Program. Main-Care Energy will set a price cap on the number of gallons of propane you plan to use for the year. You will never pay more per gallon for that fuel — but you will pay less if the market rate drops below the cap!

To receive our lowest cap rate, you can prepay for your protected gallons (plus a one-time Protection Fee) at signing. You also have the option of dividing your payment over four installments or over 12 months, using our budget plan.

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commercial propane albany, ny

We transport propane where you need it!

At Main-Care Energy, we proudly deliver 360° of Service for our commercial customers. That means that you can always reach someone at your local Main-Care Energy office, and we will do everything possible to address your request for fuel or equipment service promptly. It also means you have the most professional, dependable fuel delivery team at your disposal.

Our dependable drivers also transport liquid propane for manufacturers and industrial facilities throughout our service region. Reach out to us to discuss your propane transportation needs. If your fuel is in a safe, accessible location, our team will retrieve it at a convenient time and deliver it where you need it. We’ll provide you with updates on its progress, and we guarantee it will arrive when we say it will.

Receive commercial propane services from a local company committed to your success. Become a Main-Care Energy customer for fuel delivery in Warren, Washington, Saratoga, Schenectady, Rensselaer, Columbia, Greene, Dutchess, Ulster and Orange Counties in New York, and Vermont’s Bennington and Rutland Counties.

* Same-day tank swap is not available during certain times of the year. Some restrictions apply. Contact Main-Care Energy for details.