Bioheat® Fuel

A low-carbon, sustainable and renewable way for NY, VT and MA households to shrink their carbon footprint

Far too many people still have an image of heating oil that includes dark smoke and soot. That was your grandparents’ oilheat. Right now, Main-Care Energy customers in Albany, Catskill, Lake George, Glens Falls and countless communities in New York, Vermont and Massachusetts are currently using a cleaner home heating fuel that’s renewable and safe, and that delivers all the robust heat of traditional heating oil.

This next-generation heating oil is called Bioheat® fuel. We are proud to provide it to all our heating oil delivery customers.

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Lowering greenhouse-gas emissions TODAY!

What is Bioheat fuel? It’s an eco-friendly blend of ultra-low-sulfur heating oil and biodiesel made from recycled and organic products. These biodiesel feedstocks include:

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  • Animal fats
  • Canola oil
  • Inedible corn oil
  • Soybean oil
  • Used cooking oil

A recent study published by the Argonne National Laboratory found that biodiesel reduces greenhouse-gas emissions by 72% and fossil-fuel use by 80% compared with petroleum diesel.

Widespread use of Bioheat fuel at the blend ratio that Main-Care Energy delivers eliminates 100 million gallons of heating oil. This is the equivalent of achieving carbon neutrality in 102,000 homes. In addition to significant carbon reduction, Bioheat fuel reduces sulfur oxide, particulate matter and mercury emissions.

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Better for your home heating equipment — and your tax bill!

Bioheat fuel has been thoroughly tested and researched by experts. It is fully compatible with existing heating oil systems, so you don’t need to undergo any disruptive and expensive heating equipment conversions.

Additionally, Bioheat fuel is easier on your furnace or boiler, leaving fewer deposits and lowering your overall maintenance costs. You enjoy the robust heat of traditional heating oil with reduced operational expenses.

And the savings keep going. New York customers can enjoy a clean heating fuel credit for using our heating oil.

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Supporting American farmers and producers

Not only is Bioheat fuel an effective, cost-saving way to reduce greenhouse-gas emissions, but it also supports U.S. farmers and businesses, reduces our dependence on imported oil, and diverts waste materials away from landfills.

Clean Fuels Alliance America has found that the biodiesel industry supports more than 90,000 U.S. jobs, accounting for $4.4 billion dollars in wages each year!

Bioheat fuel FAQs

We know that customers have questions about this revolutionary heating source and are happy to answer them.

Q: Do I need special heating equipment to use Bioheat fuel?

A: No, Bioheat fuel works in standard oil-fired furnaces and boilers without modification.

Q: Is Bioheat fuel as effective at generating heat as traditional heating oil?

A: It is. You lose no heat generation with Bioheat fuel, but you still lower your home’s greenhouse-gas emissions and reduce maintenance costs in the process.

Q: Is biodiesel bad for heating equipment?

A: Not at all. While high concentrations of biodiesel could affect some heating system components, the levels of biodiesel in our fuel blends are actually better for the service life of your boiler or furnace!

Q: Is Bioheat fuel more expensive than traditional heating oil?

A: Main-Care Energy delivers Bioheat fuel at the same price as conventional heating oil, customers are also eligible for NYS Clean Heating Fuel Tax Credit.

bioheat albany, ny

Enjoy the efficiency, sustainability and dependable heat generation of Bioheat fuel in New York’s Warren, Washington, Saratoga, Schenectady, Rensselaer, Columbia, Greene, Dutchess, Ulster or Orange County or Vermont’s Bennington or Rutland County. Become a Main-Care Energy customer.