Diesel Delivery for Businesses, Farms and Vehicle Fleets

On-road and off-road diesel fuel in the NY Capital Region, the Hudson Valley, Western Vermont and Western Massachusetts

After nearly a century of working with companies, construction sites, transportation firms and agricultural businesses in the Northeast, Main-Care Energy appreciates how crucial off-road and on-road diesel fuel is to their profitability and productivity.

That’s why we are thrilled to offer diesel delivery to commercial clients in Albany, Catskill, Lake George, Glens Falls and other communities in our service area. We only deliver premium, ultra-low-sulfur diesel, including our popular winterized off-road fuel. And all of this is backed by the most trusted fuel delivery team in the region and our renowned 360° of service commitment.

We also proudly offer a Skid Tank and Fuel Level Monitor Program, bringing the convenience and security of on-site fuel to your business!

diesel delivery albany, ny

Premium on-road diesel for commercial fleets

Diesel is still one of the most popular fuels for transportation companies, hauling businesses, landscapers, shuttles and other fleets. Diesel engines provide superior fuel economy and towing power. But it can be a serious pain for your drivers to line up at a service station each morning, not to mention your having to spend hours reconciling and reimbursing their receipts.

Let the Main-Care Energy team handle your diesel needs. We provide on-site delivery of premium undyed road diesel for businesses with fuel tanks. You can also visit one of our convenient, automated fleet fueling stations in Chatham, Glenmont, Guilderland and Roxbury.

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Off-road diesel for farms and other commercial clients

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Many Main-Care Energy customers also use diesel for off-road purposes, including construction and agriculture. We are pleased to offer high-quality red-dyed diesel for generators, forklifts, excavation and mowing equipment, and other off-road uses. You can count on our top-notch diesel delivery crew to reach your farm, orchard, worksite or other business despite the harshest winter conditions or any other challenges. We are dedicated to keeping your commercial operations moving.

Ask us about our special fixed-price offer for diesel customers from April through October!

Winterized diesel for harsh Upstate and New England winters

The winter can be downright brutal in New York’s Capital Region, the Hudson Valley, Western Vermont and Western Massachusetts. Farms and other businesses with outdoor fuel storage can face production setbacks and unnecessary expenses when their diesel begins gelling and forming ice.

Luckily, Main-Care Energy has developed a tried-and-true off-road fuel that can put your winter worries to bed. Our winterized diesel formula protects fuel in freezing temperatures while cleaning and maintaining your fuel systems. Plus, it costs less than traditional 60/40 kerosene blends.

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Main-Care Energy’s winterized diesel can:

  • Reduce fuel icing with aviation-grade de-icer
  • Provide round-the-clock cold flow protection
  • Suspend wax crystals during equipment shutdowns
  • Clean and maintain high-pressure fuel injectors
  • Restore power and fuel economy
  • Extend filter life by reducing soot and sludge
  • Improve after-treatment systems

They say an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Try our winterized off-road diesel and prevent cold-weather mechanical issues before they start!

diesel fuel delivery albany, ny

Trust Main-Care Energy’s 360° of service commitment!

Main-Care Energy is an employee-owned fuel and equipment business with deep ties to the communities we serve. This local focus distinguishes us from some of the larger diesel providers in the Northeast. When you do business with Main-Care Energy, you can expect 360° of service.

What does that mean to your company?

We are there for you around the clock and every season of the year. If you need an emergency fuel delivery or assistance with heating equipment, we will make it happen. You won’t end up on an automated system or talking to a call center thousands of miles away. An employee-owner is always on call at our office.

Join businesses in New York’s Warren, Washington, Saratoga, Schenectady, Rensselaer, Columbia, Greene, Dutchess, Ulster and Orange Counties and Vermont’s Bennington and Rutland Counties. Reach out to us to become a Main-Care Energy customer.