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Main-Care Energy’s Expert Services in Albany

Main-Care Energy’s team is guided by a strong sense of integrity and a commitment to honesty in every interaction with our valued customers. We provide dependable and quality home comfort services, which have earned us their trust. Our local services are backed by a team of experts who truly understand the unique needs and challenges of our area. We want you to enjoy peace of mind knowing that you can rely on our dependable fuel delivery. With nearly a century of service in the NY Capital Region, the Hudson Valley, Western Vermont and Western Massachusetts, we know this region. We are committed to being there when you need us!

Services at our Albany Location

Feel free to drop by our Albany location and take advantage of the following services:

Main-Care Energy Delivers 360° of Service!

When you come to Main-Care Energy for your heating and cooling needs, you can expect comprehensive attention to your year-round comfort. Our team is available around the clock and every season of the year. They are trained and experienced to handle a wide range of home comfort equipment for its full life cycle. We call that 360° of Service.

Five Surprising Facts About Albany, NY

We love serving households and businesses through Albany and the wider NY Capital Region. Here are a few interesting facts about New York’s capital:

  1. Before 1664, when it was renamed after the Duke of Albany, this city was called Beverwyck (the beaver district) because of its fur trade significance.
  2. A receipt from an Albany bakery dating to 1675 mentioned “Sinterklaas” goods to celebrate the feast of St. Nicholas. This is the first known reference to Santa Claus in the U.S.
  3. Albany is home to the largest Walmart in the U.S.
  4. Both Abraham Lincoln and John Wilkes Booth were in Albany simultaneously in 1864 when the President was traveling to Washington and Booth was performing at the Gaiety Theatre.
  5. Some famous Albany residents have included Herman Melville, Henry James and Andy Rooney.

Your business is important to us. Reach out to Main-Care Energy, and we’ll demonstrate why you should choose us as your service provider.