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End heating oil price uncertainty in New York, Vermont and Massachusetts

When you warm your home with heating oil in Albany, other towns in the Hudson Valley, in Western Vermont or Western Massachusetts, planning your fuel budget for the winter can be a bit of a challenge. Not only do heating oil prices rise and fall throughout the year, but your fuel consumption is far from uniform from month to month.

Main-Care Energy can help. We offer a slate of price protection and payment programs to all our heating oil delivery customers. You can customize how you pay for your home’s heating fuel — and even the price you pay for it!

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What affects heating oil prices in the Northeast?

As a distillate of crude oil, heating oil’s price is subject to global energy markets. The factors that affect price fluctuations include refinery issues, global conflicts, weather events and market speculation.

Domestically, it’s important to note that nearly all U.S. heating oil consumption happens in the Northeast. So, when demand spikes in our part of the country — particularly in periods of extreme cold — the price of heating oil can rise.

Operational costs, including transportation and storage, also play into the price of heating oil. At Main-Care Energy, we work hard every day to keep our operation expenses down to maintain the most competitive rates, and we never surprise you with hidden fees.

We also offer the following programs to stabilize your monthly fuel costs and protect your price.

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Monthly Budget Plan

Oil-heated homes tend to use nearly all their fuel in a few months in the late fall and winter — just in time for holiday shopping, year-end travel and the beginning of tax season.

At Main-Care Energy, we offer a no-fee program that frees you from paying these high heating season bills and makes budgeting for your heating oil costs considerably easier. It’s called our Monthly Budget Plan.

We will determine how much heating oil you’re likely to use for the season and then divide that cost into equal monthly payments throughout the year. You’ll always pay the same amount for your fuel, and your winter expenses will be slashed virtually in half!

You don’t need to worry about paying more for your heating oil. If our estimate of your fuel costs is too high or low, we’ll adjust your billing. You’ll only ever pay for the cost of the fuel you receive — not one penny more.

Monthly Budget Plans traditionally run from July through June, but we can generally accommodate later enrollments. Please contact us for more information.

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Capped Price Protection Program

What if we told you we could provide “inflation insurance” for your home heating costs? Our Capped Price Program sets a maximum rate for your heating oil. You’ll never pay more than that price per gallon, but if heating oil becomes less expensive than the cap, you’ll pay the lower retail price! You’re protected against sudden spikes but still enjoy savings when prices drop.

There is a Protection Fee for this program, but there are no hidden fees or surcharges.

We offer three types of Capped Price Protection:

  1. Capped Price Prepay Plan — When you pay for your full season’s protected fuel and your Protection Fee at signing, we’ll give you our lowest capped price. If the heating oil price drops below the cap during the season, you’ll receive a credit on your account.
  2. Capped Price Extended Prepay Plan — You can also split the Protection Fee and the protected fuel costs into four equal payments.
  3. Capped Price Annual Budget Plan — You can divide your protected gallons and Protection Fee into the 12 equal payments of our Monthly Budget Plan.


No one wants to pay late, especially because of a check that gets lost in the mail. However, Main-Care Energy provides a simple way to pay online: AutoPay. Just provide the number for a checking account, credit card or debit card, and we’ll process your payment automatically. You’ll never need to worry about mailing a check again!

Main-Care Energy is committed to providing 360° of Service to the New York Capital Region, the Hudson Valley, Western Vermont and Western Massachusetts. Our team is available 24 hours a day and all year round. Become a customer today.