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Main-Care Energy has 130 Employee Owners.

Why should you choose Main-Care Energy as your Energy Supplier? For the same reason so many of your friends and neighbors have chosen us to serve their needs.

Three main reasons are:

  1. Who we are and how we are different.
  2. We are open 24 hours a day for our customers.
  3. Fair Pricing and a reliable supply of product.

Who we are and how we are different:

We are 100% employee owned. As owners we understand that the safety and comfort of your family is your number one priority which means that is our number one priority too.

Open 24/7/365:

We are open 24 hours a day, every day and even on weekends and holidays to serve your needs no matter what they are; service, delivery, billing or account questions, even to pay your bill.

We offer Fair Pricing and Reliability:

We pride ourselves in offering fair pricing to our customers every day. We do not “lure” you in with phony discounts or an extremely low “introductory price”. We offer straight forward, honest and fair pricing. As a matter of fact our pricing is consistently lower than the average weekly retail price that is tracked and reported by NYSERDA (New York State Energy Research and Development Authority). For more information on how we help protect our customers price, check out our price protection page to learn how you can minimize the risk of paying more then you have to because of fuel market price fluctuations.

We have a reliable and ample supply of fuel for your comfort and security. In addition to maintaining hundreds of thousands of gallons of storage we also have developed strong relationships with business partners in the energy market to ensure that when you have the energy products you need when you need it the most. While other companies make small partial deliveries to their customers when energy products are in short supply, or when fuel prices are extremely high, we have always been able to “fill” our customers’ tanks because of our storage and business relationships. And the best news is that we continue to develop and maintain these valuable resources every year.

To start getting safe, reliable deliveries at the best price contact us at 1-800-542-5552.

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