Our Company

100% Employee-Owned Main-Care Energy Continues to Evolve with Technology

Regardless of the business, owners make the best employees, dedicated as they are to customer satisfaction and understanding the bottom line. So imagine if an energy company was completely employee owned and how that would benefit every client. Main-Care Energy has been in business since 1930 and employee owned since 1957. We provide a spectrum of energy products and services as well as up-to-date technology in areas such as “home awareness” and mobile smart-home apps.

“Service that Never Sleeps” is not just our slogan; it is how we care for our customers every single day.  Main-Care Energy is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, including holidays, not just for service emergencies like most companies, but for billing, customer service requests, to pay a balance or answer general questions as well. Since 1930, we have put in more than 15 million hours serving our customers.  We also provide our customers 24 hour access through our secure “Customer Portal” so they can view all of their account information, including service and delivery invoices, make payments and communicate with an employee owner

Main-Care Energy also institutes customer-first service.  Our Service Protection Plans are designed to protect customers from unforeseen repair bills for HVAC systems, water heaters, standby generators and more. These plans include an annual tune-up and preventative maintenance of your home comfort systems to prepare for the high-demand season. These services offer a reassuring cost protection by reducing breakdowns—costly inconveniences that often come during the most demanding times.

As employee owners we are one of the first upstate energy companies to explore the use of Smart home technology.  With our “Main-Care Connect” home awareness products we now provide our customers the ability to keep an eye on their home through their smart phone, tablet or laptop.  Whether they are away on vacation or at work, our customers have the peace of mind knowing that what is happening in their home is just a touch away.  Smart home technology provides customers remote access to their home to control their smart thermostats, light switches, door locks, video cameras, and other energy-saving and enhanced home technology devices. As a company that is 100 percent employee-owned we will continue to differentiate ourselves from our competitors by consistently creating new offerings and providing exemplary service for our customers.