Natural Gas Price Protection

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Consumers Benefit from Natural Gas Deregulation

Most natural gas consumers in New York State can choose whether to purchase their natural gas from the utility or from a non-utility supplier known as an Energy Service Company (ESCO). This ability gives consumers a greater choice in purchasing natural gas products and services.

Main-Care Energy is listed as an approved ESCO (Energy Service Company) by both the New York State Department of Public Service and National Grid Power Corporation. Main-Care Energy offers gas supply programs for residential and business needs throughout the National Grid distribution area.

Main-Care Energy’s Natural Gas Price Protection Program

Our expertise in purchasing energy products permits us to offer you a “fixed” cost for your annual gas needs. A “fixed” cost provides predictable energy costs – an excellent method to keep rising natural gas prices under control.

No Obligation – Price Quote:

We analyze and predict your energy needs for the coming year (based upon your gas history – adjusted for average weather) and provide you with 12 uniform payments that won’t be impacted by any rising costs of natural gas. Quotations are prepared promptly and sent to you for your review. We do not “switch” or “slam” customers. In fact, if you approve our program we will send you a “written contract” for your review and approval.

What Affects the Cost of Gas?

Natural Gas is a traded commodity on the Mercantile Exchange; as such, gas prices are determined by national and international markets and are not controlled by the utilities, NYS Public Service Commission or Energy Service Companies (such as Main-Care Energy).

Price volatility develops when the demand for gas dramatically changes and the complementing storage of gas is considered not “in balance” (whether real or anticipated). Therefore, purchasing expertise and timing by retail gas suppliers is paramount in the determination of the final price that gas consumers pay.

Common Retail Pricing Options

If the winters in New York State aren’t challenging enough gas consumers have the difficult task of trying to understand the volatile energy market in an effort to keep rising natural gas prices under control. Variable Rate – rises and falls with world energy markets, costs can vary significantly and as with most commodities as demand increases so does the retail price. Most utilities and many ESCOS (Energy Service Companies) sell gas primarily on variable rates. There is no way to predict or control your costs.

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