Motor Fuels

We provide our customers with top quality products promptly delivered to fit our customers’ individual needs. We offer our customers a number of ways to fuel their company vehicles such as filling their customer owned tanks, providing Main-Care Energy supplied fuel storage (skid) tanks, access to our 24 hour Main-Care Energy Automated Fueling Stations with Fleet Management Reports (Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel for on road use and Gasoline only).

Products we provide:


Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel for On Road use:

Meets NYS requirement of less than 15ppm of sulfur content also referred to as Clear Diesel 

Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel for off Road use or Farm Diesel

Meets NYS requirement of less than 15ppm of sulfur content also referred to as Dyed Diesel

Meets requirements for all Diesel powered engines and back-up generators


We take special care in providing a unique blend of Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel and Ultra Low Sulfur Kerosene for both on road and off road use. Why is it unique? We determine the proper blend to deliver to our customers based on what is needed for our fleet of diesel powered delivery and service vehicles running in the coldest of temperatures. We understand how important it is to keep your vehicles running regardless of how cold it is.


We deliver 3 grades of Lead Free Gasoline that meet the 10% Ethanol as required by New York State

Regular = 87 Octane

Mid-Grade = 89 Octane

Super = 92 Octane


We are proud to lead the way in providing Propane Autogas for company fleets.

We work with our customers to find out what fueling method meets their needs

Why Propane AutoGas?

* Lower Operating Costs
* Convenient
* Clean Emissions
* State and Federal Tax Incentives

Click here to download our brochure on the leading alternative fuel in the United States.